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We help brands capture hearts, earn more revenue, and garner incredible awareness.

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35+ Years of Proven Experience

We believe your brand deserves a wildly engaging advertising campaign, driven by data and aligned with your goals.

twenty6two is a contemporary, consumer-focused advertising agency that helps brands of all kinds build excitement from the ground up. We got our start in entertainment marketing, so we know exactly what it takes to turn a brand into an industry rock star and make the cash register ring.

Seize your spotlight. We can help.

Reach your audience anywhere around the world, especially in  Canada and the USA. We blend deep experience with a fresh perspective, giving life to the kind of campaigns that put brands on the map – and deliver the ROI you crave. 

Our Services

We're totally obsessed with results and ROI.

Our clients describe us as their secret weapon for creating impact. Our service packages are some of the most flexible around. We’ll work with your existing creative, collaborate with your internal team, or develop something from the ground up – it’s all about achieving your biggest impact and maximum ROI. We offer bespoke solutions for both entertainment and transactional brandings.

Build amazing buzz on your own terms.

Totally commit or keep it casual. Our full-service and à la carte options let you enjoy total flexibility. We’ll work with your existing creative or cook up something from scratch — it’s all good! 

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